Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prologue : It's not just about books!

Just last weekend, I met up with a girlfriend of mine, Lixx to talk nonsense and discuss the silliness of boys and men. We like to find new places to eat and there was this one place I had been wanting to visit but not yet had the opportunity to do so.

Down at Orchard Ion, there is a pimped up version of popular bookstore called Prologue. It's pretty upmarketish and has it's own floor dedicated to lovely stationary and they sell a fairly wide range of comics. Love the fact that they stock indie titles. :3

Inside Prologue is a cafe called Jams. I have passed by Jams several times but nork always pulls me away. I think he worries I'll eat everything on the menu and trust me it's very hard not to! Sadly I have no menu shots for this place but I'll put down what I can remember.

These lovely tins of cookies await you as you enter the cafe. It's more a dessert place really, or a tea time place. I wouldn't come here for lunch but tea and high tea are a certain must. They serve things like Eton Mess and blueberry scones and giant ice cream cookie sandwiches and apple cobbler. 'tis delightful!

Lixx was hungry though, so we looked through the savories. They have a couple of sandwiches and pasta but I wasn't too interested. The only thing which caught my eye and my nose were the wafting smells coming from the soup pot; CLAM CHOWDER. It's just a pity I wasn't hungry enough or I'd have ordered that in a heartbeat.

QUICHE. Uber delicious combination of egg, onions, ham and crumbly pastry. I took a nibble and was socked by the herby egg flavour and I'd have taken more than a nibble if I didn't stop myself. Definitely recommending this for a tea time snack. And soup. Mmm soup.

As for me, I like scones!

A blueberry scone! No cream but that's ok, these things are tasty enough to eat on their own. They did have a scone set that came with cream and jam but it was $8.50. Wasn't so keen on spending that much on scones that day.

Then drinks. I was up to my armpits trying to figure out what to order. They had milkshakes AND hot chocolate and not just any hot chocolate, this was Couverture chocolate, chocolate drops that dissolve nicely in hot milk and cream. I fought with myself and eventually succumbed to the hot chocolate. On my next visit though, I am definitely having the cookies and cream shake and the salted caramel shake.

Yay. Mine is on the left, Lixx on the right. She ordered the black and white which is really just dark and white chocolate buttons. I had the house chocolate which was just dark buttons. Whisk the buttons into the milk and they break up and kinda dissolve into the milk. Let it sit a while and it becomes a wonderfully rich but not overpowering chocolate concoction.

I forgot to add that they serve cakes and cupcakes here too. Lixx and I couldn't decide which one to get and I was too busy thinking about dinner to bother. Isn't this terrible. Thinking of the next meal when you're not even done with the current meal. Tsk.

This is a lemon banana cupcake. I think that's a macaron on top. The cream whip is cream cheese I think, infused with lemon and the cupcake itself was stuffed with banana which is great. I don't like fruit cupcakes which have smidgens and specks of the supposed fruit in it.

Overall I love this place. There is an awesome view of the city from the cafe and you're in a book shop; great for book lovers out there. Service is awesome and the staff are really helpful with giving recommendations as to what to order. Prices are reasonable too! All the desserts are under $10 and hot chocolate is $7.50; some might find this a bit steep but it's not powdered chocolate they're using here! Milkshakes run at $6.50.

There's also a promo at the moment now, if you order a dessert, your drink gets a dollar off.

I'd put it about $15 per head, for dessert/food and a drink. Coming back here again! There are more desserts to be had! :D

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