Thursday, October 13, 2011

Of cupcakes and dragons


Yeah yeah I've been neglecting this sorry piece of shit blog for a while again. What can I say, I'm kinda lazy when it comes to food blogging. But today I drag myself out of my usual work routine and do a post on.. cupcakes.

Indeed, cupcakes. Cupcakes are lovely and delicious and dainty but also quite deceiving. How many times have you come across this pretty little thing, beautifully iced with frosted sugar petals and said to yourself oh golly gee I gotta get me one of those. And you do. And now you hold this delicate little cake in your hands and you smell it and by george it smells amazing. Then you sink your teeth into your confection and then.. dear god. It tastes nothing like what it looks. It's dry and chalky and the icing feels like a thick disgusting gunk of moldy cheese and your face crinkles up into utter disappointment but you find yourself forced to continue eating the abomination because what the hey you spent good money on that cake and you're damn well gonna eat it.

These cupcakes are not like those. These cupcakes are moist and flavourful and the icing absolutely delicious and more-ish. Welcome to Twelve Cupcakes, located at Millenia Walk and at United Square. Bless their little sugary souls, they do them cupcakes right.

Aren't they lovely. So I had the Red Velvet cupcake on the spot for $3 and it was wonderful. The cream cheese frosting was just the right consistency and the velvet chocolate flavour was just right and I think what I liked most was the fact that it wasn't a flaming red. A lot of the red velvet cakes I see in Singapore are a strange sort of blazing bright red and it's kinda off putting to stick that in my mouth. This one is dark and rich and just lovely. My only regret is that it's kinda small and I wallopped it pretty fast.

I liked them so much I brought some home. Oh lookit them.

So that's the red velvet on the left, the icing was starting to fall off, taking the little candy heart with it. Then there's oreo in the middle with an oreo cream cheese frosting. And the last one is a strawberry chocolate with strawberry cream cheese frosting. I ate half of each cupcake and gave my parents the rest but I think it sent me into a wild sugar rush that night, didn't sleep till 4 in the morning. Eep.

So $3 per cupcake, a half dozen for $17 and $33 for a dozen. I did warn you about the prices but they are so delicious that I think they're well worth it. They even do customized cupcakes for special events and weddings. I'd like little sugar dragons on mine I think.

Check them out here for more details.

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